Fiore de Luca


     Let's put on shoes by    MAKING A DIFFERENCE



Limited pieces 

Made in Italy

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The manifesto

Fiore de Luca is the brand of Italian shoes online for girls who set out to conquer the world, who dare to be authentic, who affirm their convictions and seduce with non chalance.

The brand, launched in April 2018, is the alliance of French elegance  and Italian know-how.

Heels with perfect camber, soft leathers, in a feminine minimalist style, for feminine, sparkling girls with a strong attitude.



Take power with your FdLs and go conquer the world.

Fiore de Luca

 The shoes that will accompany you on your biggest adventures.

The brand's origin

Behind FdL, her eye and heart is Beatrice, who puts all her passion into the creation of each collection.

A few years ago, I developed the Morton's neuroma also called "sore compressed feet", which presents with very painful electric shocks and which affects 75 to 80% of active women. At 25, the podiatrist forbids me to wear heels 3 cm higher and to run. 


It was then that I decided to create shoes with comfortable heels. I turned to Italian artisans renowned for their ancestral know-how in the history of shoes and leather.


Today, I work directly with a family of Italian artisans, who since the 1970s have lent their hands to make  treasures of shoes.

The selected leathers are of premium quality, of exclusively Italian origin, whose grain of the leather is regular, without imperfections and its softness and flexibility gives a certain sensuality to the touch.

One point I insist on, the shoes must adapt to the feet from the first moment.



Let's put on shoes by

Let's put on shoes by consuming quality products in a more responsible and authentic way.


We favor local manufacturing, respectful of working conditions and the environment, which favors quality, beautiful finishes and things done with care.

We manufacture directly at the source, which implies that our prices reflect a higher quality of leathers.

Being responsible also means producing in a small limited series, models with a timeless style that you can keep in your wardrobe for years.

“Let our shoes accompany you on your biggest adventures and be one of those that will have an impact on the fashion of tomorrow."

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