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     Let's put on shoes by    MAKING A DIFFERENCE



Limited pieces 

Made in Italy

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Shoes for goddess




Comfortables heels 12 hours.

Soft leathers.

Limited pieces. Made in Italy.

For feminine girls, sparkling with a strong attitude.

A Meticulous work done by artisans in the heart of Italy.

Behind FdL, her eye and heart is Béatrice Bodasca who puts all her passion into the creation of each collection.

She works directly with a family of Italian artisans, heirs to know-how since the 1970s.

Let's put on shoes by

By consuming quality products in a more responsable and authentic way.

Local manufacturing, respectful of working conditions and

of the environment, which favors quality, beautiful finishes and things done with care.


Also, with you we have a social impact.

For each Fiore de Luca pair purchased, you contribute to the donation of a pair of shoes for children in need.

Yours opinions

Real soft leather 

For a long time I have been looking for leather derbies to wear them all day long. Once received I was very happy with the quality of leather, that we do not see everywhere. And especially put on the first day I did not suffer from blisters.

Next time I will order without hesitation.

Claire B.

Comfortables heels

This winter I had as a gift a pair of boots. They are sublime: flawless leather, really comfortable shoes knowing that I usually can not stand the heels. A real know-how, I validate. 

Hortense J. 

Even more beauty in reality

I discovered the sandals on instagram, at first I hesitated, because my feet are very sensitive.

But I finally cracked and in truth they are even more beautiful.

A high heel that does not feel too much and soft leather that does not rub the skin.

Sensation of softness to the feet !!

Anne T.

Heart stroke 

Since I discovered the brand I took a pair of sandals and boots because I love the comfort of heels. Received with a nice box and their soft pouch to keep them well. Fiore de Luca is my favorite. I recommend to all girls :)

Sophie C.

  Last chance to have it

Found  Fiore de Luca on Instagram