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   Made in Italy 

A story of passion for shoes

Made in Italy is above all a story of passion, of doing things well and of creating treasures of shoes.

The creation is born in the heart of Paris, where the designer makes her sketches, decides the models of the collection and chose the leathers to use.

A selection of precious leathers for comfortable heels.

A beautiful shoe wants to say good leather. At the base of an excellent comfort to the feet it is necessary to have noble materials. And for that Fiore de Luca's shoes are made with carefully chosen leathers in Italy.


    Italian know-how

The shoes are hand made by real artisans of the shoe tradition.

They pay meticulous attention to the smallest details in order to produce products of quality and comfort.


All stages of manufacture: from the choice of leather, assembly, assembly and finishing are very neat to achieve a quality shoe, flexible and comfortable to wear.

Our wish is to provide you with the best quality and experience possible in each pair that we conceive thanks to ancestral techniques and a real passion for shoes.

  Made in Italy 

Italy, renowned for its craftsmanship, tradition and legacy in the history of footwear, is the perfect place to bring to life creations made to be a second skin.

It is the territory that makes the difference in creating the added value of "Made in Italy" compared to other countries and competing productions, where good taste and love of things  well done are less obvious or even absent.


Made in Italy is considered a global synonym of high quality, originality and style. It refers to the process of re-evaluating Italian craft and industrial production in terms of quality of materials, aesthetic taste, attention to detail, sensitivity to beauty and sustainability which has often led Italian products to excel in international commercial competition.

     How long for manufacturing?

For each new collection there are 5 to 6 months of work behind.

A first month for sketches and the choice of trends (colors, shapes, leathers etc). Then a first visit to the workshop in Italy to decide on models to create, details of shoes and the selection of leathers. Following the visit, a week requires to validate the collection and the launch of the first prototypes.

Once the first models are validated, a first production is launched. It will last between six to seven weeks. And then the long-awaited moment, the delivery directly to Paris.


After a few days of shooting, depending on the choice of the campaign decided, our little shoes are put online and available to order them.

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