Fiore de Luca


     Let's put on shoes by    MAKING A DIFFERENCE



Limited pieces 

Made in Italy

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Directly from our artisans in Italy, to you.


The creation is born in the heart of Paris, where the designer makes her sketches, decides on the models of the collection and chooses the leathers to use.

A selection of exceptional leathers for comfortable camber.

A beautiful shoe means above all a good leather and for a total comfort  to the feet it is necessary to have soft materials.


She works directly with a family of Italian artisans, heirs to know-how since the 1970s.

The shoes are made by hand by most operations. They pay meticulous attention to the smallest details in order to produce quality products.

All stages of manufacturing: from assembly to finishing are very careful in order to achieve a quality shoe, flexible and comfortable to wear.

A committed manufacturing

- A nearby manufacturing which also makes it possible to preserve trades which have been lost and respectful of working conditions and the environment.


- A manufacturing directly at the source and in all transparency, which privileges the quality, the beautiful finishes and the things done with care.


- An artisanal, family, Italian production.

Our wish is to provide you with the best quality and experience possible in each pair that we design thanks to ancestral techniques and a real passion for shoes.

Our social impact with you 

buy one pair, give one paire


We have long wondered how Fiore de Luca could have a social or ecological impact. Considering that today we are unable to recycle shoes because of too many different materials that compose them and that we really manufacture in very small series, an even better idea came to our mind.

That of offering shoes to the children most in need.


Without shoes, children are vulnerable to illness and very often cannot go to school. Thanks to shoes we can help children's lives.

In partnership with the non-profit organization like SOLES4SOULS, we ensure that for each pair of Fiore de Luca purchased, you contribute to the purchase of a pair of shoes for people in need.