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Shoes care

Some tips to take good care of your leather shoes ...


The longevity of life of a shoe depends mainly on its maintenance!

Good habits for the maintenance of your leather shoes


Never wear them for two consecutive days so that the leather can breathe and rest.

Clean them regularly with a suitable cloth or brush. For a nappa leather, consider moisturizing it once a month with a cleansing milk. For a velvet leather, consider waterproofing it before using it for the first time and feeding it at least twice a season.

This protects them from rain and dirt much longer. It is highly recommended.

Regularly remove dust with a brush. There are two types: the soft hair brush and the crepe brush.

Revive the color with a cleansing spray of quality and special for chamois leather. Once applied, let them sit for about an hour.

The stain of fat

In case breakfast or lunch goes awry and falls on one of your shoes, you can use the land of Sommières. It is a natural clay very effective against all greasy stains.

Put land of Sommières on the task. Leave it overnight. Remove the powder gently.

The water stain

In case of unexpected heavy rain and no umbrella, do not panic.

Garnish the wet shoe with newspaper so that it absorbs moisture and let it sit overnight. Once dry, polish with wax and you're done.

If the shoe is velvet remove the excess water with a cloth, let it dry and brush it with a suede brush to regain its velvety appearance.

But never put your shoes under the radiator, it may crack the leather!

Cleaning products

The scraper: This is the brush to remove dirt, give it a new look and prepare it for the following cleaning steps.


The crepe brush: This is the brush that helps preserve the velvety of a suede skin.

Suede Gum: This is the gum used to remove superficial stains on velvet.

The renovator suede: a spray that nourishes and recolor suede.

The suede waterproofing: the use is strongly indicated to protect from moisture.

             Velvet shoes care

For surface tasks, the special rubber compound is ideal. It is easy to use, slightly abrasive it removes a little bit of material when you rub.

Fat stains, oil or sauce are treated with the miraculous land of sommières. But above all it must be done immediately.
Just cover the stain with powder and let it work. The action time depends on the size. The dirt comes off and comes to nest in the powder.

For more inlaid tasks there are special stain removers, but before any use is better to ask the shoemaker.

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