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The Fiore de Luca Manifesto 

The Parisian brand Fiore de Luca is thought and designed for authentic girls, with strong attitude, who go after their dreams and seduce with nonchalance.


These girls who adopt a French chic style, a style "je ne sais quoi " that intrigue the world. They love  classic pieces, basics like  denim jeans, a white cotton blouse, an over-size blazer and iconic accessories.


Shoes are their strong pieces. Pumps with high heels, square heels, patent leather or velvet calf, golden sandals or pointed toe boots, which sublimate their outfit while remaining chic and feminine.


With the attitude of a Lolita, they embody to perfection the Frenchy chic style that appeals to everyone.


Their only weak point? Leather shoes. They are seduced each time by a new pair, who finer heel who the latest trends.

High heels that have a simple and elegant style. A retro charm look. The heels perfect for Parisian streets.


Fiore de Luca's super - girls gain power with their heels.

Heels designed to wear them everywhere. Heels to conquer the world.


The Parisian brand Fiore de Luca is synonymous with sparkling femininity with a strong attitude.

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