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Sandals Auréle

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Sandals Romance

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Sandals Julia



Fiore de Luca

Some history

This time we wanted to pay tribute to the strong women of the past, those who played a decisive role in the political decisions and reflections of the Roman emperors. They had an essential influence on the customs and politics of ancient Rome.

These women have an iron will that succeeds in raising their children to the top of the state.

Messaline and Agrippina play both dagger, poison and exile to build their power.

Others, of course, will show men the example of virtue, like Empress Helen, mother of Constantine.

But more generally, women, when they seize power in Rome, turn the imperial palaces into antechambers of innumerable murders, into lupanars where the blood flows, reigns the stupor and an unbridled debauchery.

A form of feminism, sometimes exemplary - incarnated by Cornélie or Octavie -, sometimes uncompromising, like Livie, was born in Rome: many will be inspired thereafter.


About our collection

If it is true that every opportunity is good to feel in the atmosphere of the red carpet and that, among the intentions of the summer, there is that of not going unobserved, the golden effect becomes inevitable. We opted for a golden leather to sublimate tanned skin.

The model Auréle heel 6 centimeters will fit any kind of outfit, day and night.
Heeled sandals may not be suitable for sand, but they are certainly perfect for beach pavers or in town where you can take long walks. And you will not need a red carpet, because the looks will always be at your feet.

For us happiness is a pair of high-heeled sandals under a pencil skirt.

A collection dedicated to those who believe that the classic must be boring: the minimalist style meets the summer colors.

It is with the pink powder of Romance and Julia that you could adopt the romantic, bohemian style.

How to wear them ?

The high heels sandals represent the essential accessory of a dressing summer. It's enough to be chic and feminine on comfortable heels. With a seasonal dress centered at the waist, our sandals with high heel will sublimate you and make them graceful. Even with straight pants or jeans for a more casual outfit. Combined with a small white cotton top, the trick is played.


We thought about the summer heat and the long romantic walks that you will want to do and for that our heels are special. We designed hexagonal reel heels to make the heel perfect and not to expose the toes too much. And do not forget: our sandals with heels are entirely leather and hand made in Italy.



"She looks at him while he remains marble"

Mid heel sandals, made in a gold crackled leather,


Must-have of this summer time 

High heels  sandals, made in bush velvet leather,

Feminin effortless

High heels Sandals, made in a patent leather ,

Elegance timeless

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